“Most people believe that no one is perfect. I believe that EVERYONE is perfect.

I believe that your mistakes, past experience, and unique differences are what make you powerful. When we own our story we have the power to change the ending and create a life greater than our wildest dreams.” -Randi Lee

My mission is to help women who want to make an impact step into their purpose, land their first coaching client and make abundant money online.

Do you have a new coaching business or have you always dreamed of starting one?

Do you want to create an impact while generating an income but not even sure where to start?

Let me tell you my story of how my practice was born and why I’m committed to serving women like you.

“Randi is a life changer!! I could always see the potential in myself, but I struggled to actually get myself into action. It seemed like I was always running in circles getting nowhere with all of these amazing ideas that were staying exactly that: ideas.
She inspired me to actually put those thoughts into action and start going for my dreams before I felt ready. Randi is so incredible at pushing you to be your best self, and she does it in such a loving and caring way. It is very clear that she wants the best for everyone who comes in contact with her!
If you are ready to put those ideas to action and discover the impact you can make on the world, Randi is the woman you need in your corner!”

- DariAnne S.